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[Chinese shoes Network - brand observation] August 7 afternoon, called "Asian night" Liu Xiang in the men's 110 meters hurdles preliminaries due to accidental fall, missed the cut in the news caused strong concern microblogging users, a large number users express regret and respect through microblogging. Behind this top by enormous pressure not only Liu Xiang, as well as its endorsement of the enterprise. Is passively waiting for the huge losses again fall accident may result trapeze come again, or take the decisive shot of crisis public relations, it is a key test of maturity of enterprises in brand building development on the road. This Nike classic public relations crisis. From Nike to domestic construction machinery industry, I think, in the face of crisis, engineering machinery enterprises can like Nike as perfect public relations? In the fierce competition in the market tide, a company in the arena as "night" in general, there are homeopathic, also adversity, there are brilliant, inevitably fall, the real competition, not just test you on the battlefield How brave, more often also test how you buck the trend? bury the hatchet, to turn things around. Look how Nike bury the hatchet As we all know, early in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Liu Xiang had to retire because of injury, according to media estimate, Liu Xiang, the 2008 accident retire allow sponsors market losses of 30 billion yuan. Unfortunately, however, has not been out of the race trapeze businesses ruthless abandon, on the contrary, it became a good opportunity for all business competition crisis public relations capacity. Many companies have signed to play emotional card, Liu Xiang's position to understand the situation and will continue to work with Liu Xiang. Nike is the first time advertised word: "love the game, love spell on all pride, love it win another one back, love to give up everything; love glory, love frustration love sports, even if it breaks your heart." By Emotional Raiders prominent national hero image, and thus dilute the track performance, avoid business risks. 2012-year h Cheap jordans online istory of the picture was repeated, with the face of "night" falls again, in its endorsement of all the brands I do not know what to do, when the indecisive, the Nike again quick to react, expressing greetings to the trapeze, indicated The firm's future and "one of China's greatest athletes" to continue to cooperate. Some would say that Nike is silly it? Lesson, do not yet tasted enough of it? Why would consistently "follow" Liu Xiang, in fact, this is a wise move, Nike, in the face of crisis bring trapeze Nike reflects the loyalty and justice, the use of people on the trapeze charisma of admiration, shape their own good brand image. Some people say, "This Nike public relations, and Liu Xiang as if one spokesmen" person sword. "The long-term PR strategy and a complete public relations plans and rapid response mechanism, multi-channel marketing reach, are worthy of Chinese enterprises to learn." Faced with the crisis of construction machinery industry can reproduce "Nike public relations" As previously said, in the fierce market competition, we do not just try to run, but also to think about how to stand up after the fall, in order to run faster and farther. From the recently ignited "Komatsu quality gate" to the "Three Ones layoffs door" to "door in the UN General Assembly single question" How Not to mention the fact that, on these three from the "gate" incident of view, which worry Perhaps only this giant three taste deepest feelings. Of course, for a company in the long course of development, will inevitably encounter various obstacles, like a person, like in the growth process, we will encounter setbacks and difficulties. The face of doubts and criticism, we escape, hide, or brave, can be the perfect public relations crisis is a test of a corporate brand image-building measure to rise to a higher level. I think escape Ye Hao, hidden worth mentioning, that can brave face like Nike, soldiers to the breakwater to soil cover, sincere face better reflect a company's attitude and responsibility. Engaged in construction machinery industry as a media worker, we wis cheap foamposites h our engineering machinery enterprises in the future path of development can go more stable, faster, better, more courageous in the face of adversity, to better reflect our responsibility ! and served as the face of the crisis, construction machinery enterprises can do it "Nike public relations" (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe Information Centre)?Nike KD 6 is the new version of the exposure! Nike KD 6 iconic shoes with leather making, and metal buckle. Vulcanized outsole collocation, make shoes showing a new sense of leisure. Unfortunately, this shoe has not been exposed to any specific information, love friends please pay attention to our follow-up reports. 0.jpg (84.58 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2014-3-17 16:47 upload Air Jordan 11 Retro IE Low shoes will officially return this year, will be the first appearance of the white leather cobalt cement burst crack around the collocation shoe body, details the blue "White/Cobalt" color. Fine physical map shoes tours, offering information as follows: item: 306008-102Release date: 0.jpg (74.2 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-7-23 15:35 upload 1.jpg (72.95 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-7-23 15:35 upload 2.jpg (106.48 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-7-23 15:35 upload 3.jpg (95.2 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-7-23 15:35 upload 4.jpg (96.53 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-7-23 15:35 upload 5.jpg (89.89 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-7-23 15:35 uploadnarifui is a casual brand from Japan, founded since 2007, is committed to the city commuters to build riding costumes, is a campaign to promote the "representative of the sports lifestyle" of the young brand. Narifui recently released the 2016 in spring and summer modeling directory, and usually riding apparel brand is different, nar Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale ifui with strong feelings of daily life, the brand hopes to own clothing can not only at the time of the ride with in leisure life moment also can do the job. to fashion perspective as a starting point, this season narifui in addition to the supply of high-quality riding class function, the item of clothing outside, for the product joined the many mashup lineage. Such as adopting wind suits, special material to create full of childlike sense of fresh green point, the following may wish to see it.Wesbrook is wearing a Air Jordan 4 "Fire Red Suede" 2013-12-08 22:58:02 the expected release in the fall of 4 Air Jordan "Fire Red Suede" that will set off a boom, Wesbrook recently took the lead in the foot of this pair of Red Suede version of AJ4, before Anthony on foot had a similar design the PE version, attracted many people's eyes, but always feel small effect on the feet Westbrook is very general, you think?New Balance 996 - Dark Grey picture collection 2013-12-08 22:31:16 this beautiful New Balance 996 - Dark Grey has now been on the shelves of major New Balance stores. This 996 deep gray shoe is made of high quality suede fabric, quite textured. Dark blue laces and heels also add to this shoe. Love beauty New Balance 996 friends through this group of beautiful pictures at first.All star weekend opened the curtain, ushered in the first star challenge, the game is wonderful and the court shoes equally attractive. This double vamp like aurora effect presented by Victor Jordan Super.Fly 3 PE Oladipo Pro wear exposure, silver tone with blue violet, red dot Jumpman logo, the overall style is very beautiful. BbsImg14238972171851_480_480.jpg (32.2 KB, download number: 21) download Jordan Super.Fly 3 star PE 2015-2-15 08:59 upload Jordan 00Summer is coming, as the summer's flagship shoes Nike Sock Dart will be more full of rich color design stage, and today we will also usher in a special edition. This shoe made of canvas woven material replaced the mesh material, and the signs of the upper band with crimson decoration, and white on the bottom of the black ink attachme Cheap air jordans for sale nt embellishment, the overall design is Yan burst table values. item: 833124-800 nike-sock-dart-se-total-crimson-2.jpg (336.56 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Sock Dart SE Total Crimson 2016-3-25 08:47 upload nike-sock-dart-se-total-crimson-3.jpg (750.52 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Sock Dart SE Total Crimson 2016-3-25 08:47 upload nike-sock-dart-se-total-crimson-4.jpg (308.09 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Sock Dart SE Total Crimson 2016-3-25 08:47 upload nike-sock-dart-se-total-crimson.jpg (358.75 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Sock Dart SE Total Crimson 2016-3-25 08:47 upload nike-sock-dart-se-total-crimson-1.jpg (349.31 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Sock Dart SE Total Crimson 2016-3-25 08:47 upload sports shoes, canvas, Nike, model 00& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - News] Recently, 3D technology in the clothing industry frequently flash. Whether this year's Paris Fashion Week, the world's first 3D printer produced on clothing, sports shoes and apparel giant Nike is released in 3D stereoscopic technology to produce boots. We can see, 3D technology has been "seated" shoes and apparel industry. So give the garment industry to bring 3D technology which changes it? a, 3D technology brings new marketing model Representative: 3D interactive virtual dressing mirror front of the mirror, gently slide the clothes within the system will automatically "wearing" to the screen in person, presented in 3D camera, along with rotation of fitting people, man and clothing on display also It will rotate together, 360-degree rotation to see if it fits. If you do not like the finger of a program, other items of clothing on the "wear" in the body. Recently, 3D fitting NOVOMANIA Shanghai international brand apparel exhibition on the "mirror" attracted onlookers. 3D virtual dressing mirror is the human body sensing technology, network and digital display technology perfect combination, the use of somatosensory camera human image information input device which, then all kinds of clothes to wear to Cheap foamposites for sale the experience of those who through the program, and real-time reflection in the display. Normally, when the mall to buy clothes often need to continue to try, but also in the selection, due to the effect of clothing to try to forget past, but can not determine what you want to buy pieces of clothing to give up the idea of ??buying. The latest 3D interactive virtual system can not only achieve immediate facelift, try the effect of the display, and it will be recorded in the full effect of the dressing, so that customers can more easily select their own needs clothing. 3D virtual dressing mirror advent to clothes shopping areas has brought a new revolution. For enterprises, the first use of the terminal has a strong consumer appeal and technological sense, in to provide consumers with high-quality fitting experience while further improve shopping efficiency, improve customer satisfaction and sales. Secondly, to managers easier management services. For consumers, the new technology eliminates the trouble of repeatedly trying on clothes, but also faster selection to the satisfaction of clothes. Insiders predicted: "3D interactive virtual dressing mirror" come out, is expected to quickly swept the country, and become a major domestic and international brand clothing companies, dealers, department stores, pioneered the use of high-tech platform to improve the user Dressing shopping Experience "standard" one. two, 3D technology brings the most accurate body database Representative: three-dimensional body measurement systems three-dimensional body measurement system can obtain human data, we know that different regions and different ages miter shoulder, shoulder has nuances. The master of the human form in all regions of the outline feature is that the product is suitable foundation. At present, the sample database is still in human clothing isolated, small-scale research and the application stage, can not meet the country's size standard, the demand for business size standard, industry internal and external consulting and corporate customization and regional adaptat Cheap foamposites for sale ion. If there is data validation system, it can be various small-scale construction of the database, including manual measurement and machine data after standardized and unified, so that the data can be expanded up to a certain amount of data population coverage and the formation of industry resources for domestic and foreign garment services industry. seven wolves as the industry leader, has purchased three-dimensional body measurement system, but to realize three-dimensional digitization system is a lengthy project. "In the future, we will be equipped in the terminal 3D scanners to collect data size target customer groups, which will help us to develop more suitable for the main target customer groups version." three-dimensional body measurement system can not only obtain human data, also can be modified according to their preferences, to determine the electronic order, carry out costume design, production of print clothing model, the final production. The whole process, from obtaining data to complete the garment only 2-3 days, greatly reducing the custom cycle. three, 3D technology effectively shorten design time Representative: 3D virtual model design In the traditional garment manufacturing, the clothing brand to go through making patterns, cutting fabric, sewing pieces, to provide customers with samples suitable body of research that may require repeated to approve the clothing fit or eventually abandoned. 3D virtual model was designed to launch production to provide more convenience. On the one hand, 3D model design without the use of physical samples or by using a small amount of physical samples. When the sample need to be modified, the designer only needs to move a finger, a few mouse clicks, you can make changes on a virtual model, to avoid repeated production model, which greatly reduce the wasteful use of materials and reduce the cost. And the latest 3D technology not only can show the effect of fabric draping on a virtual mannequin, even comfort similar friction between the fabric and the body brought about, stretch fabric in vertical and hori Retro jordans for sale zontal directions, due to their own weight fabrics brought The drape of these highly subjective degrees somatosensory index manifested through different ribbons and make adjustments. On the other hand, the pattern design phase using 3D technology helps to shorten time to market. In the traditional lengthy product development process, the company is difficult to quickly launch the latest best-selling product categories and complementary products, and with 3D technology, can greatly shorten the cycle from design to product. This year in February as sports shoes and apparel giant Nike by 3D technology, development time from the original sample boots months reduced to a few hours. In the era of rapid product replacement, 3D technology help enterprises hot pursuit of the times. Fourth, the new mode of production 3D technology in the Representative: 3D printing technology costume can 3D print right answer is:? Yes. March 4, with "muse" said Tita? Teese in Manhattan to attend a private catwalk activity when one dressed in nylon mesh dress, is the world's first entirely by a 3D printing technology to produce Clothing. Compared to traditional manufacturing, 3D printing technology has many advantages, first of all in accordance with the design, production whim, truly personalized; secondly it can be a shape, rapid manufacturing, eliminating the traditional craft of multi-channel processes; and third, the use of incremental approach rather than the traditional weight loss methods, saving raw materials, virtually no waste generation. There are designer once said, "3D printing technology has a great impact on the fashion market potential, which is a craft and fashion design will combine the opportunity, once we made machines to meet the requirements of fashion production, people just need to standing in the room 3D scanning, a dress made of. " 3D printing is a manufacturing revolution. Currently, Adidas and Nike have been applied to 3D printing production areas of. And three of the world's largest 3D printer manufacturers - German EOS, customer lists and 3D Systems US joint venture company Stratasys USA and Israel have already appeared on the Reebok, New Balance, Under Armour, Nike, Adidas. five, 3D technology brings virtual ordering Representative: 3D virtual ordering platform The annual orders, brand dealers, agents have gathered together from all over the country, we know that the traditional ordering Before starting, product pictures must be on the line, plus room and board costs, companies in this one The above would take large sums of money. But if the order will be implemented after the virtual, that everything will be very different. First, the enterprise products import a virtual platform, not only to diversify outfit, but also the designer presented three-dimensional views, provide guidance to the order. But also can be 360 ??& deg; display ads paragraph apparel, introduces marketing single product. This arrangement eliminates the need for the exhibition hall, clothing with time. Secondly, through the virtual orders, lead time can be shortened, so the cost can be greatly reduced. Conclusion: Maybe someday when you walk into a clothing store brand, found not a salesman, there are only one or several 3D digitizing screen, you simply click on the screen will be able to try to be able to lower Order - which will likely be brought to life in 3D digitized change. 3D technology not only to subvert the traditional manufacturing mode of production, but also changed the marketing model. 3D rendering technology for the struggling apparel industry has opened a new door. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partner: Apparel Network & nbsp; global fashion brand network.)remembers the day when AJ5 black silver was released last July. After getting up early to open the computer, enter the official website. Want to try their luck I can grab. results, a little unexpected did not happen, and the previous sale, chrysanthemum turn ah, shoes will be gone. After , because of the so-called "high-risk shoes money" at that time, plus the price has been not very friendly, although really like, it has not been through a treasure start. until this 618, originally intended to go to NIKE flagship store to buy a pair of PG1 back to actual combat, but accidentally found AJ5 Black Silver this will also sell, and preferential many, looked at inventory, my size actually has more than 100 pairs. So, add a shopping cart and wait for the zero to try. doesn't know if it's a robbery or not, but the process of buying is very smooth. about AIR JORDAN 5, from the Mustang fighter design, career high 69 points, etc. story, you may hear the ears are cocoon. I don't say much about it. To master Zhang Mier, directly above the box. first received a large box, shoebox or AJ5 classic style, ? opened one eye, tongue reflecting especially cool front view, former 45 fighter flame graffiti, love this ink design AJ series for the first time use buckle design large area of breathable mesh, unlike the 4 generation. AJ5 uses a transparent breathable fabric with soft fabric. tongue AIR JORDAN and 4 generation, are reversed. asymmetrical collar is made with sufficient material. used the transparent rubber outsole for the first time on his sneakers. It was really beautiful. forefoot has 3 grooves extends the previous generations of window design, air cushion design, After the toe place have creases and just try this place a little top foot. in general, this pair of AIR JORDAN 5 work in now can be counted on is very good, almost no overflow glue, go line is also very neat. The use of artificial leather, but feel very good feel, the details are also in place, the quality is completely beyond my expectations. Plus 618 activity price of 999 won the shoes he has, is really happiness so suddenly. has always been the hot wind movement, sports shoes is regarded as a universal all-match single product, if you do not have a pair of sports shoes all-match, all say they feel shy to understand fashion, well, now you count Nike of those classic limited edition, just look at the very satisfying. 1. Air Jordan 4 Pearl Air Jordan, although it is not strictly Nike, but because of its beauty and popularity, we must put it in the first. Many people have Air Jordan feelings, but also have a lot of girls complain that it does not always launch female models, so this time the launch of the exclusive style of girls. This double AJ4 designed to celebrate the birth of the 30th anniversary shoes, the girls feel never had the attention, to show people the Pearl White uppers, special pearl luster effect will clear feeling perfect image of the show, the details of the deal is fine, and the design of the AJ4 is needless to say, the classic handsome. 2. Nike Air Max Zero if you think Air Max is the first pair of Air Max 1, you must look at this pair of Air Max Zero, 29 years later, but its position affects the design of too many shoes. This is a pair of shoes of extraordinary significance, its story is very interesting. The Nike design team to design a special celebration at the Air Max Day shoes, then go to the record room for inspiration Air Max Zero discovered the manuscript, it has been forgotten in the record room in 29 years, on this day Nike team for this manuscript was again found reborned. The classic design, but this time to design the shoe body and the tongue body, dressed up to give you extraordinary comfort. This is the origin of visual air, is the beginning of an era, if there is no later Nike Air Max. 3. Nike Air Huarache Floral the shoes a captured many girls heart! At the promise of Nike Air Huarache Floral series. Give you the new Nike fashion in innovation, design a more three-dimensional leather flat, Nike original idea, make your shoes more light and cool. When the two girls FLORAL special edition exclusive Nike Air Huarache appears, everything seems to be a cloud, it is to steal the spotlight, three color scheme, combined with the printing dye in the tongue and the shoes back, law-abiding have new sense of fun, especially add style pink, one eye of love. Qin light version sports shoes $300Buy 4. Air Max Thea Joli have you thought about sports shoes can also be hollowed out design? Nike Air Max always by surprise, muddy.